1993 – present: exploring markets, organising press conferences, following political campaigns, organising fair appearances, designing promo material and catalogues, making TV and radio commercials, organising promotional campaigns, TV programme production, and organising occasional election campaigns, generally for smaller local parties.
1996 – 2004: publishing (“Naša Krmača” magazine, dozens of books – fiction, poems, caricatures, professional literature).
2000 – present: our major activities include production, filming and post-production of documentary and entertainment programmes.
Comedy programme – 64 five-minute episodes of “National cuisine” series.
Music and entertainment programme – 60 half-hour episodes of TV Star series and 50 two-hour episodes of VIP series.
Informative political programme – 15 two-hour episodes of the series “Arena – The Hague Tribunal, law or justice?” which shows the attitude of our official politics, notable individuals, public figures, general public, etc. towards the institution of The Hague Tribunal.
The documentary programme-series: Nature limits – 14 episodes (2001-2004), Made in Taiwan – 6 episodes (2003), Three man in a boat…- 4 episodes (2003-2004), Breviary – 8 episodes (2004-2005), The Golden Fleece – 8 episodes (2006-2007), “In the beginning was the word – Miroslav Gospels” – 5 episodes (2007-2008). Roaming the streets – 20 episodes (2009-2010). Our documentary programme is sold not only to the national TV network, but also to numerous local and regional TV stations in Serbia, Macedonia and Bosna-and-Herzegovina.
For the last four years “Alternativa” is the executive producer and organiser of International Festival of Tourism and Ecology Film – SILAFEST, which takes place in Veliko Gradište every year at the end of August.