College of Tourism, Belgrade

The College of Tourism was founded in 1967 and it has the longest tradition in offering career-oriented study programmes for the needs of the tourism industry in Serbia. The objective of the college is to produce graduates, who have the ability, knowledge and skills to become competent personnel in travel agencies, airlines and similar tourism related enterprises.

The training in the college lasts three years, i.e. six semesters. Upon graduation, the students acquire higher education and the diploma in Tourism Administration >>

img Turistička organizacija Srbije

Tourism Organisation of Serbia

It does not take much time for a foreigner in Serbia to witness the hospitality, kindness, opennes and warmth of its inhabitants >>

img Turistička organizacija opštine Veliko Gradište

Tourism Organisation of the municipality of Veliko Gradište

The small town of Veliko Gradište is located in the north-east of Serbia, on the Carpatian edge of the Panonian Basin, near the confluence of the Pek and the Danube. >>



The International Association of Tourism and Ecology Film Festivals. >>

img Unija poslodavaca Srbije

Serbian Association of Employers

Serbian Association of Employers a non-governmental and nonparty organization of employers that serves and protects the interests of employers in the Republic of Serbia.
The goal of the Association is:

img logo Centar Boban

Centar Boban

The company was founded in 1981 and named Production and Service Centre - Boban, with the idea of the present field of work beginning to realise by the end of the 80's with the expansion of private companies. Thus, as a crown achievement of our founder and owner, Centar Boban Holding Company comes to be.

In 1990, Auto Centar Boban begins with its work, designed as a unique place dedicated to car owners. Throughout the following decade, it has developed from a modest car wash and service into the greatest car-centre in Serbia. There is no doubt that Centar Boban has the most complete offer of services for car owners. >>

img ILO

International Labour Organisation

A specialized agency of the UN with the goal of promoting social justice and internationally acknowledged human and labour rights. >>

img Security Service

Security Service

SECURITY SERVICE LTD. is a company for physical-technical and fire protection. Founded in Belgrade in 2000, this company is proud of being one of the leading enterprises in its domain thanks to its professional work and a wide range of services it offers. >>

img Radiotelevizija Vojvodine

Radio Television of Vojvodina

RTV is an independent public radio broadcast service of the citizens of the province of Vojvodina, which produces and broadcasts high-quality TV, radio, and multimedia programme in the Serbian language and the languages of the minorities, used to inform, educate, and entertain the citizens of Vojvodina, thus keeping the unique diversity of the region. >>