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Publishers and literature aficionados, generally speaking, never had too much luck in Serbia. Publishers had a hard time with printers and distributors, while readers were troubled by a constant spate of light and profitable books. The readers have always had a hard time with some "different" books, whose publishing would involve everything but profitability; therefore, we can justly say that Serbian publishers have always been like missionaries.

As many other small publishers in the nineties, Alternativa also tried to leave its particular (avant-garde) mark on its publications. Everything started after a visit to Orač bar, the idea was born of a new, completely different, satirical magazine was born. Orač bar was the birthplace of the idea, and another bar, after some group brainstorming, became the birthplace of the name – Naša krmača.With publishing magazines, we started publishing books as well. Of course, those were the books completely different from those that dominated throughout bookshops during the troubling nineties.