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TV Production

TV production is today on of the most important fields of work for Alternativa because it enables them to make a profit and fulfill their social role. Namely, in this small family company of ours, we believe that it is crucial how the reality should be depicted to the masses glued to their TV screens. We would not leave our signature on the content that is violent, non-urban, primitive, consumed on daily basis…
Regardless of the greater chance of profit in that kind of content, we have opted for artistic, educational, urban and entertaining contents. The awards we have received for them were most often paper diplomas, patting on the shoulder, or a sincere smile while passing. With basic expenses covered, it is enough for us.

TV serials

Documentary and educational TV serials have become the dominant segment of production. There are quite few types of this programme in home production, so we have already become recognizable by them. Because of the specific approach to scripts, production, and postproduction, we are recognizable abroad as well. Hence the large number of international awards we received for producing these types of content.

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Documentary programme

Most often, documentary films are not recognized as the true value by the audience in the country. They are not recognized by those who finance them, either. Therefore, every Serbian documentary deserves all the respect.
Documentaries are specific logs of time we lived in, testimonies on people, events and ideas of that day and age. Through the years, Alternativa has tried to make its own film logs, from its particular point of view.