Creative Director

Bosko Savkovic was born 12.09.1962 in Belgrade, where he finished primary school. High school finished in Thirteenth Belgrade gymnasium, direction Journalist associate.
The Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where he graduated at the Department of International Law. In the late eighties a few times at Columbia University in New York visited summer school of comparative law.
In early eighties, worked on radio programs “HEART RHYTHM” (Studio B) and INDEX 202, (Radio Belgrade 202). Since 1985. in the student newspaper “Student” published to the end of the 1988th.
Since 1989. to 1995. the published in “Interview” political magazine and made the author TV shows on TV Politika.
He has published 4 books “Fake fighters run lap of honor”, Belgrade 1989., “Rape of the fourth force “, Belgrade 1994., “Mystery”, Belgrade 1997. year, , “From the second page”, Belgrade, 2000. year.
In early 1993. established Agency for marketing “Alternative” which still successfully working in TV production, publishing, graphic and web design.
The founder, owner and editor in chief of the satirical magazine “Our sows” since 1996. to 2004. year. During the wars in the former Yugoslavia from 1993 to 2000, he worked as a associate producer of the American CBS TV Network. Since 1996. has been working on documentary films. First, a co-production with TV Politika, later independently, as a producer, writer and director. As a director, producer or screenwriter, signed documentaries:

“The Balkan Gigolo”
"Belgrade by night"
"New York for beginers"
“Who’s there, putting up posters,”
“At the end of the world”
“Fake fighters run lap of honor ...”
“In the beginning was the word - Miroslavljevo gospel”
“Where the Danube silver shine ...”
“ Winter Fruits”
"Silver lake - four sesons"
“After the bombs”
" One journey, millions impressions"
"Good blass their souls"

as well as the TV series:
“Who is working not afraid of death,” 52 episodes,
“National Cuisine”, 64 episodes,
"Made in Taiwan", 5 episodes
"Three mans in the boat...", 4 episodes
“Breviary”, episode 8
“The Golden Fleece” 8 episodes,
“Chronicle Miroslav Gospel”, episode 5