Roaming the Streets

Roaming the Streets
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TV serial Roaming the Streets

Number of episodes: 20
Duration: 4 – 6 minutes

This serial is primarily about orthographic mistakes in the names of some streets in Belgrade.
The first level of the serial serves to get the attention of the authorities, without any criticizing, to correct the mistakes.
The second level shows the inhabitants of those streets who regularly pass past the street signs without noticing the mistake.
The third level linguistically explains the typology of the mistakes – is it ungrammatical plural, extra letters, ignorance of the grammar, or simply a matter of culture?
The fourth, the most important level, serves to remind about the people whose names were misspelled, the importance of some events the streets were named after, and the geographic names.

There are 20 streets in the Street Lutam series, but there are many boards with the same type of error.

Predrag Miki Manojlović
Goran Šljivić
Boško Savković
Dušan Matić
Video editing
Violeta Trpčevski
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