After the bombs

After the bombs
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Lenght: 07:50
Premiere: 09.12.2012.


At the beginning of 1999, former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was bombed by NATO member countries. It was a precedent in the European history after the World War II – to bomb a European country.

One of the targets was building of the Army Headquarters in Belgrade. Even today, this building stand just like that, in one of the busiest streets in Belgrade. For security reasons over the last 13 years the humans did not carry out almost any works on them. But the nature did. The real forest grew up on this building. Some trees are higher than 15 meters.

Out of nothing, from concrete and dust, a tree grew.

Film “After the Bombs” follows, in an unusual way, the growth of these trees and of one child that was conceived while the bombs were falling on Belgrade. With this film about the trees on the rooftops we want to draw, in a unique way, the attention of public to the fact that the nature is stronger than the all of us.

That after all of us, and after all the bombs, the only thing that will remain will be – tree.


  • Ecology Grand Prix , Film At, Warsaw, Poland, 2013
  • Eastern gate of Europe, Special mention of Jury, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 2013
  • Special mention of Jury, 19. Film and TV Festival, Kosice, Slovakia, 2013
  • Silver Rooster, Art and  Tour, Barcelos, Portugal, 2013
  • Silver Dolphin, Corporate media Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France 2013
  • Best mesage of the film, SILAFEST, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia, 2013
  • GRAND PRIX  NOMINATION for the best eco-tour film in the world in 2013. , Vienna, Austria, 2013
Boško Savković
Boško Savković
Goran Dobrosavljević
Original score
Ivan Kozoder
First time on movie
Emilija Savković
Goran Šljivić , Dušan Šljivić, Goran Petrović, Dragan Trifunović, Slobodan Čulić
Aleksandar Popović
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