Winter fruits

Winter fruits
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Lenght: 05:11
Premiere: 25.03.2010.

During the fall and winter Belgrade winds play with a large number of plastic bags that unconscientious people throwing around the streets, containers, parks … Winds of bags attaches to canopy trees where they continue their dance to the wind. In a certain way look like a winter fruit on the tree tops without leaves. In spring new leaves cover this winter fruit, but they are there waiting for us next year. Nature needed hundreds of years to decompose the plastic bags …


  • Golden Pinkum, Silafest, Veliko Gardište, Serbia 2010.
  • Golden Peak, For the best environmental film St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010.
  • Special Award Institute Nevsky, Golden Peak, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010.
  • The Special Jury Award, Jahorina Fest, Sarajevo-Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010.
  • Silver Award for the best environmental film, Tour Film Riga, Riga, Latvia, 2011.
  • Grand Jury Award, Tour movie Riga, Riga, Latvia, 2011.
  • Best Environmental Film Festival, Film Art, Warsaw, Poland, 2011.
  • Charter of Silver, Document Art, Campulung, Romania, 2011.
  • Golden Parrot, Florianopolis, Brazil 2011.
  • Golden Rooster, Art and Tour, Barcelos, Portugal, 2011.
  • Golden Dolphin, Corporate media Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France 2011.
  • Golden Kitovras, Kitovras Film Festival, Veliki Novgorod, Russia 2011.
  • Grand Prix Mention for the best environmental film in the world in 2011, Vienna, Austria, 2011.
  • Golden Asteria, Deauville green Award, Deauville, France, 2011.
Boško Savković
Boško Savković
Goran Dobrosavljević
Original score
Goran Dobrosavljević
Boško Savković , Aleksandar Popović
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